Transfer and 3WW

Of the 4 fertilized eggs, three formed pretty strong embryos. We had 2 8-celled embryos, symmetrical with minimal fragmentation. We also had 1 7 celled-embryo, with similar qualities. The most stressful part of the transfer was that they said they recommended transferring all 3 embryos, based on the number of eggs retrieved and my age (37). Now, our doctor practically had us chant “We will transfer 2 embryos.” She never mentioned transferring 3 so we were shocked. She did explain that if we ended up with 3 (there is a slight risk of identical twins with assisted hatching) that they would recommend selective reduction, since triplets are so high risk. My husband was definite that we only wanted to do 2. I was more tentative, because they said there was only a small risk of triplets and I just wanted it to work. However, I agreed with him that we do not want to have to do selective reduction. When they heard that our doctor had recommended transferring two, they said they thought that was sensible, especially because this was our first transfer and the quality was so good. But then they said they didn’t know if they could freeze the 3rd embryo, since assisted hatching was done. We asked them to find out, since we didn’t want to just let it go. Apparently, they could freeze, and after that the process was seamless.

I had a very strong reaction to the hormones, however, sleeping 10-12 hours a night for several nights. I also had a lot of bloating, and had to take Thursday as a sick day because I was so exhausted and had a low grade fever. That helped a lot! I feel much better now – just a little tired and bloated. My fingers are crossed — I really want these embryos to implant and become the children we will raise!

Our testing date was supposed to be 3/30 or 3/31, but it’s going to be 4/5 because I’m going to be out of the country for several days next week. This is a little frustrating, but I realized that last time I took Crinone and was not pregnant, my period came right on time. The last time I took Crinone and was pregnant, my period did not come. That might be a bit of a hint . . .


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