The IVF process has been different from what I expected. I don’t know what I expected. There are so many steps and at each step you have great hopes and fears. My steps:

The monitoring process was fairly easy. I went in 3 times and was at the same dosage of medicine the whole time. The only hard thing was that I thought I would have more than 7/8 follicles. Or if I had that many, that they would stim me more. While my left ovary has been productive in the past, this month I only had 1 follicle from there. The other one wasn’t harvested. I was at a medium dose I guess (300 Gonal-F) while suppressed by Lupron (5). But I thought they’d wait until I had more eggs. I guess my estrogen levels were rising and existing eggs seemed mature, so they triggered me. I hope it works!

My retrieval was quite the process. We had to drive into the city in rush hour, and as soon as we got to the unit, they separated me from my husband. I wasn’t expecting that. I then met with lots of people – doctors, nurses, fellows, all asking questions and checking things. Everyone was nice, but I was relieved when my husband joined me! He stayed with me until they took me to the OR. The only hitch beforehand was that I had bruised at my best injection site at my first monitoring appointment (doh!) and she actually had to use my hand. But it wasn’t bad.

In the OR was fine, expect that the IVs were VERY uncomfortable until I was put under. When I woke up, I felt crampy, but that’s it. I never needed any pain meds. However, I had trouble taking deep breaths, so they ended up giving me an EKG (which was fine!) and then a nebulizer. They decided it was a response to the sedation and not an allergic reaction (thank goodness!).

Of the 7 eggs harvested, 4 fertilized. We did not do ICSI. They had told me 70% was average, and this was 55% but the nurses assured me it was “great!”. I thought we were going to get an update on them the next day, but we didn’t. Now my nightmare is that we’ll show up at our appointment today and there won’t be any to put in. I’m hoping they are all thriving!


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