Post-mock transfer

The mock transfer went really well. The doctor met with us, and explained that the chemical pregnancy meant that we were now even more likely to give birth to a child at some point. The mock transfer itself was quick and painless – faster and easier than an IUI. Luckily, she said that mine would be an easy transfer. I’d read that easy transfers are more likely to be successful, so I was really glad.

We met with the nurse and went over all of the paperwork. We signed all of our consents (we had read them aloud at the kitchen table last week, so we knew what we would do).

We also discussed the calendar. We are planning to go to Montreal at the end of March for a professional conference and mini-vacation, and wanted to know if this was possible. It look like it will probably be fine, unless my ovaries don’t respond well. I may miss my pregnancy test, but that just means that I will have to take the medicine for longer – and maybe come back early.

Overall, a good start! Tomorrow I’m in there at 7AM for my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound – and I’m really hoping it’s a go!


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