Back on track

Update: We had a chemical pregnancy in our last IUI cycle. We are now beginning an IVF cycle.

I am on Lupron Day 8. I have a mock transfer scheduled with my doctor for Thursday (in 2 days). Friday is my baseline bloodwork.

What a journey! Our last cycle was an incredible experience – I had 1 follicle that developed so fast that they had to trigger me very early. We put very little hope into that cycle – but then came a positive pregnancy test! I was so sure it would be negative that I asked them to call my husband, and not me. It was positive, but my beta was very low (20). They like to see 100, but explained that what was really important was that our numbers doubled. Sadly, they remained the same. We were devastated. However, this overachieving egg was not ready to let go and my numbers bumped up (30) and up (36) – but not high enough to make it a viable pregnancy. They began to worry that it was ectopic – I even had to have a pregnant woman’s ultrasound (not in the RE’s office – one with the goo on your tummy and the wand). Thankfully, my period came and my numbers started to drop. We will always love the brave and determined embryo that made us parents, even as we look forward to meeting the child(ren) that we will raise.

Now we are looking forward to an IVF cycle that we hope will bring us our children. The doctor has already explained that she plans to put two in – and we are hoping that both will grow and develop. I am getting excited, even though I am nervous. We’re back on track!


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