My ‘month off’ ends, now an injectable cycle

Last night I took my very first injectable — 112.5 of Gonal-F via pen. I had thought I was totally okay with this, and had read about it all over the net, in “Navigating the Land of IF” and had talked with friends and fellow infertiles about it. Everyone in the IF world has been so kind about this process – I had several folks offer to come over and help my husband and me. He was all prepared, and I was lying down looking up at him and the needle – and I started to panic. It was like I hadn’t fully realized that the needle would be entering my body. I did some “minis” (deep breaths — you enhale and count to 4, then you breath out counting to 4) and my husband injected me and it was fine. So now that the first one is over, I’m assuming it will be fine.

I had a little scare yesterday when I went in for my baseline ultrasound. They found a cyst! They then took some blood and the doctors had to decide whether the cyst would interfere with this cycle. Since I had last month off, and this month I’m off from school, I did not want to “lose” this month so I was really worried. But the nurse finally called and said that my lining was thin (good) and my estrogen was low (good). Apparently, cysts can give out estrogen and if mine was we wouldn’t have been able to do an injectable cycle. But mine wasn’t, so we could go ahead.

On my month off, I had had an endometrial biopsy. I had DREADED this, and it really really hurt – but for a very short amount of time. I was just relieved that it was over after dreading it for long. They did not find anything, however. They are going to give me Crinone (?) — a progestrone gel – because I had spotting, but I’m still officially “unexplained.”

Of course, I saw a friend last week who got pregnant immediately. I had last seen her in August, when she had blithely announced that she and her husband were going to start having a baby next month. Last week, she was visibly pregnant! She explained that she was surprised to get pregnant the very first month – she had been thinking they’d have more time. Thank goodness some people are so lucky! Hopefully, I’ll be pregnant before she delivers . . .


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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog-. Hang in there w/ the injections it does get better! Best of luck:)

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