Today’s repeat HSG

I had a truly horrible experience with my HSG in September. I went alone, since I had not realized how bad it would be. The technician was friendly, but he was having trouble getting the ink through my tubes. He was able to show that one tube was clear, but the other tube only had “partial spillage.” He told me that he would try to “open” it as long as I could bear the pain. Of course, I was thinking, “I can bear any pain if it will help me to have a child!” However, it really hurt. He then explained to me that both tubes were blocked initially, but that he was able to clear one but not the other. I was horrified, feeling like the last 10 months of trying to have a baby were useless, and feeling discouraged about being able to have one at all.

Fast forward two weeks (granted, it was not fast at all) and my doctor explains that she does not think my tubes were blocked at all. She says that it is likely that I spasmed, which is common with an HSG. She said the only way to be sure was to repeat the HSG, but that considering how awful my experience was, and how my history does not suggest any tubal problem, she did not recommend it.

We felt okay with this, but still a little worried there was a problem. Then we went to Resolve’s infertility conference, and realized that we really should be as sure as possible that we really are “unexplained” infertility before we proceed with more IUI’s.

That, plus I had 2 unsuccessful Clomid IUI cycles.

So we called the doctor’s office and explained that we wanted to do another HSG, but that we did not want to do it at that hospital. We asked for our doctor to do it, or to do it at a different hospital, or both. The nurse explained that their nurse practitioner can do it — and they’ve been doing the IUI’s with minimal discomfort, so I’m really relieved.

However, I’m nervous too. I don’t know how I’ll feel if I really do have a blocked tube. I know that we will push hard to not have any more IUI’s.

Also, I have an endometrial biopsy scheduled in two weeks. Since April 2010, I have been having very light periods with short luteal phases. When my period almost disappeared on my first IUI, the doctor decided to definitively rule out any lining problems. That is supposed to hurt, but I’m glad that we’ll have more information.


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