All Clear!

This HSG was totally different from last time. And the result was unambiguous — clear! A nurse practitioner from my clinic did the procedure and just as it was starting to hurt, it was over. My husband was there and saw the dye shooting through the tubes, and at the end I saw that everything was totally clear.

Of course, this leaves us with “unexplained infertility,” at least until the endometrial biopsy in two weeks.

I’ve decided to see this month as a chance to get things done while I’m not pregnant or having treatments. I can get ahead in my work, so that if I am pregnant this winter or spring, I can coast a bit even if I’m not feeling well.

Fingers crossed!


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  1. Hi- thanks for commenting on my blog! Glad to hear the second time around it was a lot less painful. And good news- the results were normal! Good luck… keep blooging I will follow along and we can go thru this journey together:)

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